Biology and Medicine

The Art in Medicine and Biology

The Common Vein Copyright 2020

Ashley Davidoff MD

A picture speaks a thousand words…… but in order for one to be able to read the words one has to have knowledge

Some of us learn through the written word… some of us learn through pictures.  Art in medicine explores the beauty of form and function and hopes to use art and images to help educate in a slightly different way ….

From the Atom to the Solar System
The collage takes us from the proton  (top left) through to element and molecule and finally to strands of DNA in the first row.  The second row starts with a group of cells advances to the tissues, to the organ which in this case is the liver.
The third row represents units2unity from the organ (liver with its connections (arteries and veins to body systems and the body.
The fourth row advances from the body to the person, couple family home community.
The last row is the village advancing to the city, state, country, earth and solar system.
Note the similarity between the proton and the earth, and between the atom and the solar system.
body systems – through 13440c11.8 units to unity atom element molecule chromosome DNA cell tissue organ liver system body person couple family community town village city state country world solar system universe Davidoff art copyright 200
Black and White and Color Imaging
45829 imaging CTscan plain X-ray CTscan MRI echocardiogram echocardiography collage courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

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