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Caladan Gallery Proposal

The Common Vein Copyright 2008

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CREATING SYNTHESIS (Exploring Art and Technology)(Deadline 1/9/09)

Sometimes the line drawn between art, science, and technology is invisible.  This is true not only in the subject matter, but in the materials used to create visual art.  The effect technology has on the arts and vice versa is quite profound and points to a direct path in both disciplines’ evolution.  The image does not have to be directly utilizing technology to be influenced by it.  Of course, photography, in all matters, tends to directly document the world, thus retaining signs and hints at the technological world.  Visual art of all types, because of its nature of reflecting the world in all phases of material existence as well as on other more ethereal planes, doesn’t escape the inclusion of energetic forces of the period of time it is created in.  Similarly, the synthesis of spirituality or metaphysics and scientific knowledge is becoming increasingly clear.  This is a time of awakening, despite the threat of “automitization” of creative vision.  The artist, by virtue of his or her persona, is responsible not only for the regulating of humanity with regard to its own purpose, but to his or herself as a creative, expressive being.  We are calling for art with this purpose in mind.


82656b20.8s gallbladder Archimedes water screw cystic duct gravity upright spiral valves of Heister filling ampulla of VAter closed neck body fundus distended sympathetic bile duct Davidoff art Copyright 2008

Normal Alveoli or Grapes of the lung

32645a10.800 This diagram illustrates the branching pattern of the tracheobronchial tree that extends from the bronchi to the terminal bronchioles transitioning into the alveoli via the alveolar sacs. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 32645b04b04 lung Davidoff tree branching alveolus alveoli normal drawing Davidoff art

Pancreas – Coming Out Party

38025b10 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD code pancreas pancreatic shape code liver code stomach code kidney renal code lesser sac code tuber omentale code lesser omentum drawing anatomy normal Davidoff art

Tracheobronchial Tree

32620b14.800b02p.1.2s lung tracheobronchial tree airways normal anatomy trees in the body Davidoff art copyright 2008

The Splenic Circulation

82068b07b01s spleen artery splenic artery trees in the body normal anatomy Davidoff art Courtesy Ashley Davidoff copyright 2008


Doppler Flowers

33393b06s.1k flowers ultrasound kidney blood flow carotids doppler Davidoff Art copyright 2008 Philips RSNA

The Carotid Vessels

33346c34s.8 artery carotid artery normal anatomy doppler ultrasound Davidoff art Philips RSNA 2008 copyright 2008



83193b09.8s trees in the body anemones which are really animals ultrasound ascites small bowel sea water waving in the deep sea ultrasound Davidoff art copyright 2008

Clockwork purple – the liver and inner workings

44426b01 liver hepatic clockwork purple anatomy Davidoff art

Participating artists will be selected by the Caladan Gallery staff, with one or more artists being awarded a solo exhibition. Artists working in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, digital media, textiles, mixed media, and installation are eligible. Video cannot be accommodated at this time. Caladan Gallery has taken on a transformation itself, being recently redone, enhancing the clarity and ease of navigation; Contrast and illumination are accommodated beautifully in our enhanced site. Caladan Gallery presents timely and relevant virtual exhibitions that are unique in concept and presentation. The exhibitions are very carefully juried and considered, each accepted artist tending to work within the parameters of a concept. We also have affordable membership opportunities. We are artist-friendly, keeping our fees and commissions as low as possible, doing extensive listings and fresh press releases monthly. We are averaging over 20,000 UNIQUE visitors each month and many artists have found expansive opportunities as a result of their exposure on the Gallery Site. We have been online since October of 2003, and have been extremely fortunate to create an exciting, diverse, and active meeting place for artists and viewers alike, creating a warm and positive virtual atmosphere. Browse the Artists Gallery here at to see the current and past exhibits and for more information! Submit: 3 high quality slides, photographs, CD, or jpeg images of artwork along with $20.00 entry fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope (large enough to accommodate your image materials). Submissions must be labeled with: Artist’s name; Title of work; Size and Price of work. Also indicate Top of work. (If sending jpeg images, information can be included intext of email with corresponding number of image). Optional is a short paragraph describing the unique quality of your artwork. $20 Entry fee may be by personal check, money order made out to Caladan Gallery, or :Enter Online by Credit Card Please send jpeg submissions to director@caladangallery.comSend slides and photographs to:


Creating Synthesis
P.O. Box 391939
Cambridge, MA 02139

 Caladan Gallery will retain 20% of any sales that occur from this exhibition. Any work sold must be shipped directly to the purchaser in a timely manner, in a good sturdy new carton. Caladan Gallery guarantees the artwork bought and must be received in good condition. Artist is responsible for shipping, insurance, and related costs, and completed presentation of the work (frames, etc.) so please include these costs in your pricing. The deadline for slides and related materials is January 5, 2009. Please include the attached form with your entry package. (more…)

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