On Death and Dying

Art and Photography

The Common Vein

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87462pc.8s azalea spring summer time rotten death cycle renewal time to flourish Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved


93514pb.8s time The fall leaves seasons path road leaves death gravity impressionist Davidoff photography copyright 2009 All rights reserved


94001p.8s life death living dying space for rent time street in New York for radiologists and detectives Courtesy Ashley Davidoff copyright 2010 all rights reserved Davidoff photography


22772 head brain artey internal carotid external carotid fx occluded dx brain death dx brain dead angiogram angiography Davidoff MD


85146p.800 gypsy moth cocoon worms tree death space occupying dead leaves debris Davidoff photography Davidoff MD




75458pc01.800 dog life death black white order disorder trauma Davidoff photography Davidoff MD


84392pb01 flower tiger lily death strangulation of a tiger lily morning glory Davidoff photography


84612p.800 berries berry cycle time ripe mature dead death youth unripe water droplets Davidoff photography Davidoff MD


46592b01.8s hx young female presenting with vaginal bleeding with previous positive pregnancy test gestational sac measures 3.49 cms consistent with GA of 9 weeks and CRL measures .49cms consistent with a gestational age of 6weeks and 3 days. No fetal heart was identified. code uterus OB pregnancy fetal demise spontaneous abortion shape size position heart rate USscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD copyright 2009 all rights reserved death SAB


46592c01 uterus OB pregnancy fetal demise spontaneous abortion shape size position heart rate USscan Davidoff MD death


89081pb01.8 death Davidoff art


89080pb01 death Davidoff art

Returning to Earth

13275b05i02.800b03 Evolving knowledge man framework organization TCV involution Davidoff Oneness

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