The Common Vein

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Art and Medicine


71680b04.800 reticuloendothelial system macrophage cell wbc protection immune scavenger leukocyte white cell Davidoff art Davidoff MD normal cytology

Defence Lysosymes

89078pb03 explosion lysosymes defence Davidoff art

Walled City of Porto

83936 city wall safety protection Porto Portugal Davidoff photography

Walled City of Porto

83937.800 city wall safety protection Porto Portugal Davidoff photography

Unity Discipline at War circa 1775

84022p.800 baby Lincoln Massachusetts Minuteman State PArk Reenactment of the days of the Revolution America circa 1775 men army gun horses Boston Davidoff photography


84013p.800 man male adult gun hat face protection circa 1775 American militia Concord Massachusetts The beginning of the American Revolution resistance along the Battle Road Trail extending from Lexington to Concord Minute man National Historical Park Reenactment July 3rd 2007 in the fields of Hartwell tavern Davidoff photography

Law and Order in Brussels

81752p interesting accessory police protection defence defense Brussels Belgium Courtesy of Ashley Davidoff MD Davidoff photography


Rules of the Road Western Mass

An car and a police cruiser on a country road. CAn you date the event. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 02009p code accessory interesting Radiologists and Detectives Davidoff photography

Reconstruction of the Skull with Methacrylate

72744c01 bone brain skull temporal bone parietal bone methacrylate surgery methacrylate craniotomy protection surgery treatment CTscan Davidoff MD Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

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