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The section on states of being is intended to provide understanding of health and disease in the context of “opposites” in the sciences and arts.  In the world of physics chemistry, and mathematics, units that are equal and oppposite are “relatively” absolute.  Thus for example negative and positive are the extreme opposites.  In the world of art, literature, dance, biology,  and medicine, oppposites are relative.

Positive and Negative

84154b04.698 positive and negative extreme states black and white Davidoff art Davidoff MD

Black and White

Biology and Medicine – Not so Black and White

84164c01 thumbs up thumbs down health disease negative positive order disorder positive negative not so good not OK state of things Davidoff photography Davidoff art Davidoff MD

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

84163.800 84164p.800 thumbs up health positive order alright OK state of things Davidoff photography Davidoff art Davidoff MD

Heaven and Hell

83664.800 heaven Arielle dance 2007 Newton Mass photography 81355pb02.801  Laren Netherlands Holland devils ghosts hell Davidoff photography

Dignity rising from Hell

80306p.800 Davidoff sculpture

Biologic Units in Order and Disorder – from the Country to the Cell

Cities and Towns – Order and Disorder

The struggles for the positives of life occur in our day to day life in our cities and towns and among our people.

City in Order and City in Disorder

57694.800 city johannesburg Linksfield ridge suburbs city skyscrapers trees hill Davidoff photography

57787.800 shanty town city home Cape Town slum corrugated iron house disorder Davidoff photography

Children in Health and Disease

A Body Part in Health and Disease

A Foot in Health and Disease

This first image reveals a normal right foot and the devastating manifestations of aberrant glucose metabolism in the second image.  as a result of insulin insufficiency, with consequent effects on the small vessels throughout the body.  In this instance the diabetic arteriopathy is characterised by calcific atherosclerotic diease seen as calcification of the digital artery with subsequent ischemia to the foot.  The poor nutrition has resulted in infection and ulceration of skin and bone, with poor healing and a need to amputate irrecovarable tissues.

48655.c01 bone foot feet tarsals tarsal bones cuneiform cuboid talus navicular calcaneus tibia fibula normal anatomy applied biology X-ray plain film foot phalanx phalanges toes digital artery bone fx amputation calcified calcification of arteries dx diabetic arteriopathy chronic ischemia complicated by ulceration infection osteomyelitis treated with amputation diabetes mellitus plain X-Ray of the foot Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 48471c01

Leaves in Health and Disease

83323c01 leaf health disease red spots shade sun relative youth aged elderly smooth edges rough edges Bahamas Davidoff photography

Health and a Flower in Trouble

84187p flower tiger lily order disorder health disease strangulation by morning glory space creeper Davidoff photography

Cells in Health and Disease

Cells in Health and Disease

.Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD.

The Revolution – A nation goes from  from disorder to order 230 years later

84049p.801 American militia Concord Massachusetts The beginning of the American Revolution resistance along the Battle Road Trail extending from Lexington to Concord Minute man National Historical Park Reenactment July 3rd 2007 in the fields of Hartwell tavern Davidoff photography

77197p.801 July 4th 2005 Independance day 230 years later order health thriving surviving happy healthy Newton Massachusetts Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Tree in Bud

87559pb04b07b.8s tree in bud nociceptors free nerve endings trees in the body Davidoff art copyright 2008


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