The Elements

The Common Vein copyright 2008

The Atom – Powerful and “Indivisible”
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The Element
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The Molecule
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Where does biology fit in between the atom and the solar system and universe?

The atom, the building block of all structure, is seen at the bottom while the solar system, its analog in structure , has been positioned at the top of the image.  Between the two stands my daughter, Danielle, on the beaches of Newport, Rhode Island, pondering at the age of nine years where she and the rest of biology fit into the grand scheme of things.

(Image courtesy of Ashley Davidoff M.D.) 45826b04.800


The Hydrogen Atom and the Earth
13451c06.800 TCV hydrogen atom earth TCV Davidoff Oneness Davidoff art Concepts


The Atom
Artistic licence has been taken to present a series of atoms in the background of repetitive images of the part of the solar system.  The structure of the atom with its central  nucleus dominates the scene and is shown with orbiting shells containing the electrons  ( Davidoff)45828b12.800

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