Lines and Strings

Lines and Strings

The Common Vein copyright 2007

Tiger Lily and Single Fine String of a Web

A close-up view if the resilient tiger lily in orange glory. Two threads of a spider web sit delicately between the petal and a bud. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 02120p Davidoff photography code accessory interesting flower web thread fine Davidoff photography

Tensile Strength

84574p.800 flower forces tensile strength web water droplet triangle shape Davidoff photography Davidof MD


Strings of the Heart

Anatomic image of the chordae affixing to the apex of the anterior leaflet of TV. The tip of the anterolateral papillary muscle can be seen at the bottom of the image. This muscle as previously noted is constant and characteristic of the RV. Courtesy of Ashley Davidoff M.D. 32097

The Reticular Fibers

Reticular fibers are stained in black and hold the liver cells together.  Each Cell is cradled in fibers providing them support and fibrous connectivity to other cells, so that the tissue has cohesive strength.

13236 liver hepatocyte liver cords sinusoids cytoplasmic granules connective tissue reticulin histopathology histology Courtesy Barbara Banner MD

Brooklyn Suspension Bridge Upside Down

13268b.81 Brooklyn Bridge suspension bridge upside down lines and strings cables water New York Manahattan Brooklyn Davidoff photography Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Strings of the Heart From Above

The most beautiful feature of the LA (in my opinion of course) is its view of the anterior leaflet of the mitral valve through the annulus. To see the chordae and the sail of the anterior leaflet biphasically flap-flapping must be a sight to behold. Courtesy of Ashley Davidoff M.D. code cardiac heart normal MV mitral valve anatomy 32106

Cauda Equina

78200.84b01 spinal cord cauda equina horses tail CT myelogram Davidoff art Courtesy Ashley DAvidoff MD

70125b01.800 A brown horse in a green meadow early in the spring Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD code accessory interesting horse brown Davidoff photography


 Phone Line Toys of Line Wire Rays of Sun

Two boys play barefoot with complex homemade toys in the hills of the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa – in the dawn of the sunset Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. Davidoff photography 5 star 02105p01 code accessory interesting toy boy rural sunset

Zakim Bridge Boston

61855 interesting accessory Boston Zakim bridge government centre nucleus Courtesy of Ashley Davidoff MD Davidoff photography


04268p.38k.8s line strings color Davidoff photography all rights reserved copyright 2009

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