The Common Vein copyright 2011

Clockwork purple – the liver and inner workings

44426b01 liver hepatic clockwork purple anatomy Davidoff art

Pancreas in a Day  – Pancreas in a Year

38025c01b02 pancreas night day spring summer fall winter hermit of the abdomen art drawing anatomy relations Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Davidoff art

4The alveolus – the centre of the pulmonary universe

The five major layers that keep the air moving include the outer bony cage the muscular layer represented in maroon, the pleural complex (orange yellow orange) the lung (blue) and surfactant within the alveolus. (pink)  42530b05b09b01a08 Davidoff art

The lungs – as they live and breathe

The chest is surrounded by a ring of muscle (maroon) made up of a various groups which work in concert. The diaphragm is the workhorse of the respiratory muscles and is shown as a thick maroon band inferiorly. 42530b05b09b14  Davidoff art

Size as Time

3.8mm fetus  – 6 weeks

49786b01 fetal pole size dates time 6 weeks USscan obstetrics gestational sac amniotic cavity pregnancy Davidoff MD


13275b01i01e12u08 sperm egg ovum conception time Davidoff Art

Time and the Spine

Kyphosis Couple

The top row of images from left to right reflect, A-P examination of the immature lumbar spine of very young patient, juxtaposed with the lateral examination of a normal thoracic of a normal young adult and lastly the lateral examination of a severely kyphotic elderly patient. The photograph was taken in Italy showing ages ranging from the youngest child in a stroller perhaps 2 years in age, her brother of about 5 or 6, their mother in her late twenties or early thirties and an elderly couple both suffering from the wraths of aging bones – osteoporosis and severe kyphosis. (the kyphosis couple)

Courtesy Ashley Davidoff Copyright 2011 75578c01.8s

Tree in Bud

87559pb04b07b.8s tree in bud nociceptors free nerve endings trees in the body Davidoff art copyright 2008

Time and the Body

49609c03 abdomen health disease young old time cycle elastic elasticity order disorder Davidoff MD 49609c02

Cherry Blossoms in the Spring time

91057pb02.8 flowers cherry blossom Newton Center Lake Avenue spring youth pink time Davidoff photography Davidoff art copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Time and the Bones

77005c01 normal adult and 97 year old knee bone joint space peroneal artery normal aging time wear and tear age geratric elderly osteopenia djd degenerative joint disease atherosclerosis osteophytes normal anatomy plain X-ray of knee knee X-ray Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Grandpa and Grandson

89077p peopla age time development growth grandfather grandson Disney World Magic Kingdom Davidoff photography generation

Time is Always Around the Corner

On my way to a doctor visit today I cam across this beautiful cherry tree against the red brick wall and to my amazement there was a one way sign to autumn street reminding me of the cycle of life and the transient nature of time and beauty

94972pb.8 time cherry tree bricks cells units to unity Courtesy Ashley Davidoff copyright 2010

Time Marches On

93508pb01.8s stairs stairway time The fall leaves seasons Davidoff photography copyright 2009 All rights reserved

Time to Flourish and Time to Rot

87462pc.8s azalea spring summer time rotten death cycle renewal time to flourish Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Shakespeare on Time

85225b01.8s Shakespeare as you like it drew a dial from his poke time units to unity Davidoff art Copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Waves of Time – Another Day

90009p.8s sunrise time sea waves sky clouds Punta Cana Domincan Republic sea environment Davidoff Photography Courtesy Ashley Davidoff All rights reserved

Time is Up!

86150.800 space time money meter parking meter coin Davidoff photography

The Fall  What Wisdom and Beauty

Winter is Around the Corner

93408p.8s 3 LAke Avenue newton center October 2009 from the kitchen window autumn fall Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved

One Month Later

What a Difference in Time

93828p.8s One month difference between this image and the one taken in the fall of 2009 This was the first snowfall of theis year garden time Davidoff photography Copyright 2009 winter snow

A Cancer Cell – Aberrant Sense of Time

The image represents the life of a single set of columnar cells showing a progressioon of generations as the cell lives dies and is regenerated. The orange secretions of the cell are seen in the background of the pink cytoplasm and the purple nucleus. The nucleus of the newesest generation and cell is seen as a clock that has become distorted and time has become disordered. This process is abnormal and is a forerunner of a malignant process.  The background is a collage of cytopatholagical specimens obtained from the liver representing a variety of metastases from different primary sites but all matked by large nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio.

03183c05.8s cell hyperchromatic increased nuclear cytoplasmic ratio disordered time cytopathology blue malignant cancer Davidoff art Copyright 2009

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