Units to Unity – The Brick Principle

The Brick – An Individual Unit That Needs to Connect In Order to Function and Be Valuable
The brick by itself has no function and no value to the world. In order to have value it needs to connect with other bricks. When the brick, a structural unit, connects with other bricks and they organize, a wall is built. The wall as a structural unit, connects with other walls and they organize to form a room, and eventually a building is built. Although the brick is nothing by itself – a weak brick can bring the whole wall and the whole building down.
By Ashley Davidoff MD
The Power of the Brick
It is Nothing by Itself
However the Whole is Only as Strong as the Weakest Brick
By Ashley Davidoff MD
The Cells Build Together in the Same Way, but in the End A Life Evolves This is a True Miracle
By Ashley Davidoff MD
When the 37.2 trillion cells in the human body connect and organize, they create a spark of life housed in the body and gifted with a mind.
By Ashley Davidoff MD
Subtract The Bricks From the Cells. What is the Result?
By Ashley Davidoff MD

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