Units to Unity

Units to Unity

The Common Vein copyright 2008

The Letter to the Word, and the Word to the Sentence – and the Story of a Lifetime Gets Told

85225b01.8s Shakespeare as you like it drew a dial from his poke time units to unity Davidoff art Copyright 2009 all rights reserved

From the Atom to the Solar System

The collage takes us from the proton  (top left) through to element and molecule and finally to strands of DNA in the first row. 

The second row starts with a group of cells advances to the tissues, to the organ which in this case is the liver.



The third row represents units2unity from the organ (liver with its connections (arteries and veins to body systems and the body.


The fourth row advances from the body to the person, couple family home community.

The last row is the village advancing to the city, state country earth and solar system.

Note the similarity between the proton and the earth, and between the atom and solar system.

body systems – through 13440c11.8 units to unity atom element molecule chromosome DNA cell tissue organ liver system body person couple family community town village city state country world solar system universe Davidoff art copyright 2008





The Proton and The Earth

13451c06.800 TCV hydrogen atom earth TCV Davidoff Oneness Davidoff art Concepts


Once There was One and Now there is One Couple

80468pc Mexico birds environment pelicans sea Playa del Carmen Davidoff photography


Instinctively Moving Together

78441pc02.800 cohesive movement pigeons Lake Lucerne Switzerland look scratch male female units to unity Davidoff photography Davidoff MD


Two opposite forces are needed to bring the life about.  82835p.800 Davidoff art

Close to a New Beginning

13275b01i01e12u08 Davidoff oneness

Conception and the Spark of Life

13275a12.800 time heaven earth sea nature void TCV Oneness units to unity soul conception sperm

Conception – Watercolor

82849p.800  Davidoff art


Division after Division Multiplication to a Unit

Units to unity – a blastocyst  is formed

13275b01i01e01b03   Davidoff oneness


The Lotus and the Airways

32620c06.8 tree flower tracheobronchial tree trachea bronchi lung Davidoff tree Davidoff Art

Angels in Blue

83664.800 Angels in Blue Dance Davidoff Art

Dancers in Harmony

82729p Beyond the Dance Davidoff art Davidoff painting

Communityof Dolls

55990.800 dolls community Ndebele tribe neck rings Johannesburg South Africa Davidoff photography

Mountain Farms in Peru

0178.800 Peru farm wall units to unity mountains vertical agriculture food the common vein applied biology Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Unity Discipline at War circa 1775

84022p.800 baby Lincoln Massachusetts Minuteman State PArk Reenactment of the days of the Revolution America circa 1775 men army gun horses Boston Davidoff photography


School of Travally Fish

83104b01.8k.8s school of Travally fish units to unity Applied Biology concepts The Common VEin Davidoff MD Davidoff photography Aquarium Atlantis Bahamas copyright 2009 akk rights reserved



87759pb.8s ducks on the pond water green lake Davidoff photography Davidoff art copyright 2009 all rights reserved


The City

The line is mostly vertical, with the Back Bay in the foreground and the downtown buildings of Boston in the back seen through the metal frame of a window across the Charles river in Cambridge Mass. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. Davidoff photography 02135p code accessory interesting

Units to Dysunity

Weak Rock in the Wall

84310p.800 wall weak rock loose units to dysunity disorder disease mechanical forces weakening negative units to unity TCV the common vein Davidoff photography

medical art