Children’s Hospital Proposal

Children’s Hospital (proposal)

The Common vein  Copyright 2008

The Body  Through the Seasons

38025c01b02 pancreas night day spring summer fall winter hermit of the abdomen art drawing anatomy relations Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Davidoff art

CAT Scan

38025b10 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD code pancreas pancreatic shape code liver code stomach code kidney renal code lesser sac code tuber omentale code lesser omentum drawing anatomy normal Davidoff art

Belly Buttons of All Colors

49703b17c01s abdomen belly button source of life connections nutrition food time Davidoff art CTscan Copyright 2008 chronicle high resolution

Children of the World

Fruit in the Chest

This artistic rendition of the heart and lungs uses the shape of fruit and vegetables to create an image of the chest. The lungs are made of grapes, the pulmonary arteries are made of carrots, the ribs are made of banana peel and the heat is made of a red pepper. 02032p Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. accessory cardiac heart lung bone PA grape banana peel ribs Davidoff art

Clockwork purple – The liver – a factory of the body

44426b01 liver hepatic clockwork purple anatomy Davidoff art


Hi Jessica

I am a local radiologist and artist and was referred to you by Dr George Taylor whom I know well, and with whom I worked at Childrens in 1978

My work is very different from Dr Taylors – and many images are inspired by radiological images

I have noted the flavor of images you describe in your brochure and have chosen a few that I think may fit

My web site is quite extensive and if you have the time or need to review for other appropriate pieces you are welcome to access my site

Some of the pieces I chose are exhibited at the Museum of science – and you could review others there that could be of interest

I have also written a little poetry that could accompany the art – eg example of the pancreas – hermit of the abdomen (see MOS URL above) some of this is beyond and not appropriate for children but parts could be extracted and used if you thought that it would be appropriate for your audience (the story is that the pancreas eluded scientific evaluation for many years – hence hermit – and happy ending is that science and imaging have given us insight and it is no longer a hermit and we see it happy with its friends in the body at the end) Given a little thought this may be presented as a nice combo of sad to happy to story / science and medicine /poetry and art)

I am willing to donate one or two pieces if chosen- and would have them framed (what is the approximate cost of framing with Childrens specs?)

Was not quite sure if this was a rotating exhibit or a permanent exhibit

Thanks for your consideration

We could also chat if you want to think about this a little more and I could help you navigate the site which has a lifetime of work in it


Ashley Davidoff MD

medical art